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6 Tips for Cleaning Window Blinds

Window blinds are highly sought-after for their ability to add beauty and privacy to any home. Regardless of the type, window blinds must be cleaned in order to keep them looking great. However, a common gripe that many homeowners have about window blinds is that they’re difficult to clean.
Do you share the same sentiments as them? You’re in luck, because today we are going to share some super helpful tips that will make cleaning window blinds a lot easier.

Spot cleaning

When your blinds are starting to get dirty, grab an all-purpose cleaner and spot clean the areas that need it. But keep note that you should never spray the cleaner directly on the blinds and instead spray it on a clean cloth.

Bring fabric blinds to the cleaners

Want to preserve the quality of your fabric blinds and keep them looking their best for many years? Bring them to the cleaners when they become filthy.

Clean wooden blinds with water

Unlike other types of blinds, wooden blinds can be cleaned with water. Wet them to clean and use a dry cloth to remove any leftover moisture.

Use a soft duster

Plastic dusters can get the job done, but they can cause scratches on some types of blinds. The best thing to do is to use the much-softer lamb’s wool duster, which is designed for gentler cleaning applications. Simply brush between the slates to get rid of dust and accumulating dirt.

Vacuum away the dust

A vacuum cleaner can quickly remove dust on your blinds without leaving behind a mess. Use the brush attachment and slowly brush away the dust, but remember to always brush down instead of up to protect the slats.

Dip them in the bathtub

Dipping vinyl blinds in the bathtub is a smart way to clean them. Simply fill your tub with warm soapy water and carefully lower the blinds inside. Then, move the blinds up and down to get rid of all the dirt. Finally, give them a good rinse before putting them back.

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