Cost Estimating Plantation Shutters

Their unparalleled energy efficiency, outstanding light control, and incredible looks – these are just a few of the many reasons why homeowners choose interior plantation shutters as their go-to window treatment. However, keeping the final costs in mind is important when you’re planning a home improvement project, because doing so will prevent you from going […]

Window Shades in Palm Bay and the Space Coast

Window Shades Window treatments are a necessity to homes because they block out the sun during the day and provide a good level of privacy at night. While there are several kinds of window treatments currently available in the market, a shade is the most basic one. Window shades are available in many different materials, […]

Window Blinds in Cocoa and the Space Coast

Window Blinds Blinds are one of the most popular window coverings in the country for many different reasons. First of all, this type of window covering is highly functional and wonderfully adjustable, making it very easy to use. Other than that, window blinds can look great in any room in your home, given that you […]

Plantation Shutters in Melbourne and the Space Coast

Plantation Shutters Searching for a classy yet low maintenance covering for your doors and windows? Plantation shutters may be exactly what you’re looking for. This type of covering offers more notable benefits than curtains and blinds. Back in the old days, plantation shutters were only used to filter sunlight in a space, improve security in a […]

Why Window Blinds are important in West Palm Beach

Having first been used in ancient Egypt, humans have always been concerned with how to dress up their surroundings, and to increase their comfort. Originally a sign of luxury, blinds would shade pharaohs and nobleman without the necessity of a servant. Nowadays we enjoy all of the benefits of blinds while enjoying a large variety […]

How Window Treatments Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bill

Once a month Floridians find themselves in the same predicament- walking across the driveway to the mailbox to fetch the much dreaded energy bill. With the Florida heat bearing down all year round, residents in the sunshine state are accustomed to blasting the air conditioning at home. So what can be done to lower your […]

Should You Close Your Blinds & Curtains During a Hurricane?

When you search for guides or steps in preparing for a hurricane you tend to get the same results worded differently. One step, however, might stand out- the step that states that you should close your blinds and curtains during a storm. Still amidst hurricane season and with Hurricane Irma at our backs the population […]

The Benefits Of Using Blinds In The Summer

Summer time heat can be brutal, especially in Florida. Thankfully, most Floridians have the benefit of central air to alleviate some of that summer sweat. But, running that A/C at a comfortable 74 degrees all day, for months, without stopping, can cost a lot of money. Fortunately, homeowners can use shades and blinds to help […]

Why Choose Vertical Blinds in FL

Homeowners have many options when it comes to window treatments.  But one type of treatment that has been popular for many years are vertical blinds.  These blinds are great for all types of windows. Today we are going to learn why you should choose vertical blinds in FL.  We will learn their benefits and how […]