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Should You Close Your Blinds & Curtains During a Hurricane?

When you search for guides or steps in preparing for a hurricane you tend to get the same results worded differently. One step, however, might stand out- the step that states that you should close your blinds and curtains during a storm. Still amidst hurricane season and with Hurricane Irma at our backs the population of Florida has become accustomed to the procedures that precede a hurricane. That one step, however, may have you taking a quick step back to reread but it is just as important.

So why should you close your blinds and curtains before a storm? The answer is a short and sweet- to reduce damage! If in a worst case scenario your shutters or window coverings have been breach and a storm begins to try and take residence in your home it is always best to have something else between you and it. Blinds and curtains may reduce the damage done to your house and yourself by blocking various bits of debris, glass, or holding off incoming water. Having that extra line of defense by completing a quick step in the hurricane preparedness process seems well worth it!

There is also another reason left to explore that may not present itself as an obvious benefit. That benefit is peace of mind. During a hurricane the power can flicker and cease and the wind can howl as the outside seems to attack your house.  Having your blinds closed and your curtains drawn can put up a mental barrier between yourself and a raging storm. It returns your house visually into a place of familiarity and comfort during an otherwise anxiety inducing time. This in turn can make you feel safe in your home, regardless of what is happening outside its walls. So put a star next to this step, because this is one you can’t afford to miss!

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