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Cost Estimating Plantation Shutters

Their unparalleled energy efficiency, outstanding light control, and incredible looks – these are just a few of the many reasons why homeowners choose interior plantation shutters as their go-to window treatment. However, keeping the final costs in mind is important when you’re planning a home improvement project, because doing so will prevent you from going over your budget. That’s why one of the frequently asked questions during a consultation is “How much do plantation shutters cost?”

Before the project is fully assessed, it’s hard to give a straight answer for that question due to two simple reasons – there are plenty of shutter choices to choose from and not every home is built the same. That means that if a company is able to give you an upfront estimate before even considering your specific needs, there’s a huge chance that you’ll be disappointed with the results.

By knowing the different variables that may affect your shutter project’s costs, you will be able to make a rough estimate of your project. Let’s check them out.


When talking about custom-built plantation shutters, their price varies because they are specially made to suit your home’s particular needs. Here are a few factors that may affect their price.

The Material of the Plantation Shutters

The many plantation shutters available in our market are made up of different types of materials. Some are built from repurposed lumber, some are constructed from a faux-wood compound, and some are made from natural hardwood.

Out of these, the ones made from a faux-wood compound are the most budget-friendly, since some of them are uniquely designed to accentuate convenience and value – and some have material that is purely made in the USA, helping reduce overall costs associated with harvesting and shipping. Plantation shutters constructed from repurposed lumber are also 100% made in the USA, but their delicate and lengthy harvesting process increases their total value.

The Size & Shape of the Windows

Generally, the prices of plantation shutters are based on a square-footage basis, which means that installing shutters on larger windows tend to cost more than on smaller windows. If you know the rough dimensions of your windows, you can come up with an initial estimate. But if you don’t know that much about measuring, you don’t have to worry about anything because some companies will offer to do the measurements for you as a part of their complimentary in-home consultation.

Windows with a unique shape, such as octagonal or triangular windows, also tend to increase the cost compared to traditional rectangular or square windows. This is because of their unique orientation that requires more time and effort to match their exact specifications. Apart from that, specialty windows may also demand a little bit more installation work that depends on the existing wall and frame.

Other factors, such as the finish, frame style, and additional options, can also affect the price of shutters. Now, can you see how many variables can influence the cost of your shutter project? That is why giving a concrete answer to the question “How much do plantation shutters cost?” is difficult, and asking it alone won’t help in giving you a clearer picture of everything involved.


In contrast to some of the other window treatment options that are available on the market, it’s a given fact that plantation shutters tend to cost more. But despite the slightly expensive price tag of plantation shutters, there’s no denying that adding them to your home is a reasonable investment because of their many benefits. Here are some of them.

  • Durable

Blinds and shades are popular window treatments among homeowners, but they have a lifespan of only a few years. While their price may be cheaper compared to plantation shutters, spending money just to have them replaced every other year can cost you more money in the long run. But if you install plantation shutters on your windows, you will be able to enjoy a type of window treatment that boasts an excellent longevity.

  • Energy Efficient

Plantation shutters are the only window treatment that is blessed with the ability to provide outstanding insulation and energy efficiency to a home. Some faux-wood plantation shutters in particular are capable of blocking up to almost half of a window’s heat transfer, which is a level of insulation that other window treatments can’t even come close to. With plantation shutters installed in your home, it means that your monthly energy expenses throughout the year will be reduced.

  • Aesthetic Value

When it comes to the aesthetic value of window treatments, it’s safe to say that plantation shutters are far ahead from the others. They are, after all, very good-looking and appealing with their simple elegance, distinct look, and timeless aesthetic.

  • Home Value

Similar to what high-quality floors, decorations, furnishings, and appliances can do for a home, plantation shutters are also known and proven to increase a home’s resale value. This is because of the excellent materials that are used to build plantation shutters.

Looking forward to enjoy the amazing benefits of plantation shutters by adding them to your home? We can help you out with that. Our team of trained and experienced professionals are always ready to answer your questions, explain in detail what needs to be explained, and provide a precise estimate of the project. Though you may find lower flat quotes from other shutter companies, there’s no guarantee that their estimates include your specific needs. That’s why you should always think carefully before selecting your shutter business.

Want to get your shutter project started? Call us now to schedule a design consultation. Together we will find the best solution that fits your budget and your home’s needs.

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