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How Window Treatments Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bill

Every month, Floridians find themselves in the same predicament of having to fetch the dreaded energy bill in the mailbox and see a dollar total that is higher than you expect. With the crazy Florida heat bearing down throughout the year, residents are accustomed to blasting the AC at home for long periods of time just to combat the heat. But is there anything we can do to cut down our energy expenses without sacrificing cooling? Yes, with the use of window treatments, we can fight the heat and stay cool even without an AC. Let’s find out how this seemingly minor change can make a huge impact on your wallet.


Shades that have been properly installed are really effective at saving energy. They are an excellent choice if your goal is to keep the heat out in the summer and insulate during the winter. Using shades with two layers of fabric and varying colors is ideal. Light-colored fabrics facing the window will reflect the heat. On the other hand, dark-colored fabrics will absorb the heat.


Drapes are also a good option. Heavier drapes are less expensive and will help you to achieve a more energy efficient household. When going for drapes, picking the right fabric is a crucial step as lighter fabrics won’t leave much of an impact on your energy bill.


Many Floridians prefer to use interior and exterior shutters. This window treatment option allows you to control the amount of heat entering the window while providing a decent amount of privacy. Shutters are available in manual and automated variants, the latter of which can be operated using a remote. Shutters also provide a good amount of protection to your windows as they are not made of fabric.


Blinds are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They are designed to reduce solar heat levels and allow you to control the amount of light, ventilation and privacy. Moreover, some blinds have the ability to reflect pesky solar rays.

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