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Window Shades in Palm Bay and the Space Coast

Window Shades

Window treatments are a necessity to homes because they block out the sun during the day and provide a good level of privacy at night. While there are several kinds of window treatments currently available in the market, a shade is the most basic one.

Window shades are available in many different materials, several different styles, and an extensive range of colors and patterns. Here at the Best Plantation Shutters of Florida, the shades we have in our inventory are balloon shades, cellular shades and Roman shades. Want to learn more about these particular shades? Here are the essentials you need to know about them:

Balloon Shades

The decorative puffy bottom of a balloon shade is where this window treatment gets its name from. While the upper section of a balloon shade is similar to that of a Roman shade, this window treatment is much softer and has billows of smooth fabric situated at the bottom. Balloon shades, just like Roman shades, are typically installed on a mounting board. They come with a vertical row of rings that enables you to adjust the shade’s length. If you want to give your room an elegant look without covering the window too much, this window treatment is the perfect option for you.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades, also called honeycomb blinds or cellular blinds, get their name from the vacant pockets of air running parallel to their seams. If viewed from the room, cellular shades have a keen resemblance to traditional pleated shades. But that’s where the similarity between the two ends, as cellular shades feature at least two fabric sheets, with one facing the interiors and the other facing the exteriors. These fabrics are available in many different colors and opacities, allowing you to choose the colors that match the scheme of your room and exterior décor.

The seams is where the layers of fabric are joined together. They are designed like that so that pockets of air are created whenever the shade is pulled down. These cells can protect your room whether it’s summer or winter. They also act as a noise barrier from both inside and outside sources.

Roman Shades

The clean lines and classic tailoring of Roman shades make them a regular choice amongst interior designers and homeowners. Due to the fact that Roman shades come in a wide variety of awesome styles, ranging from elegant to casual, finding a look that complements your home is very easy and simple.

Roman shades come in a number of interesting styles, including looped, classic, and seamless. Both classic and looped Roman shades are particularly designed to add depth and dimension. Classic shades have a pleated design, while looped shades feature folds that cascade downwards to help create depth. As for the seamless style of Roman shades, it features a more flat or smooth shade face.


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