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Window Treatments in South Florida

Window covering is a big deal when it comes to interior decorating as it sets the tone for the home. It offers any room a great boost in its aesthetics, appearance, and optimization of natural light and air circulation for the room. There are a number of window treatments available in the market for every taste and price range. If you reside in South Florida and have a need for window treatments in your home, you will be spoiled by the many choices available.  Before purchasing window treatments, always make sure you have a budget in mind and an idea of what you want to window treatment to accomplish.  Different window treatments can offer different light exposure, energy efficiency and so much more, so take your time to get to know what is available in your area.

Wooden blinds

Also known as Venetian blinds, this family of window treatments consist of a number of horizontal wooden slats joined together using corded pulleys. Pulling the pulleys can gather the slats either at the window top or twist the slats at angle to let in air and light while maintaining some privacy. The angle of rotation of the blinds can be in such a way that the slats overlap having one side face inward then in the opposite manner so that they overlap and have the other side face inward.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are wooden blinds with vertical slats that come together at the side of the window in a vertical bunch. The way of operation is virtually the same as the horizontal blind window treatments. The modern vertical blinds have modifications in the lift cords and can allow some slats to be opened while some are closed or have slats with different rotation cords.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are window treatments meant to give your room a classy look with less maintenance. They are louvered and can have slats like those of blinds that can also be opened and closed. Plantation shutters are known for allowing privacy and control of the light and air exposure in the room. Made from wood or poly, this window treatment option can be designed to fit into all types of shapes like angles, curves, round openings and even the semi circular openings sometimes seen above windows or entryways.  While plantation shutters are often more expensive than the other options available, they are known to be a great investment because of the durability and sturdiness of their design.

Roman shades

Roman shades have covering panels that can either be raised or lowered by use of cords and rings that have been sown at the back of the fabric. Raising the shades makes the fabric form stacks of horizontal folds that are even in size. They are perfect for a warm weather when drapes and curtains are too much work, while window blinds are a boring and do not offer as much customization. Whatever your design and flavor, Roman shades can be incorporated with a lining that enhances insulation and thus allow you to save up on energy costs.

Balloon shades

These window treatments have been designed in such a way that when raised, it collects together into a sequence of puffy festoons as a result of pleats in the fabric. Balloon shades almost look like the Roman shades because of their opulence and the way in which the material scallops at the bottom of the shade. The amount of shade can be regulated by adjusting the vertical rings on the mounting board. Balloon shades offer the benefit of adding elegance to any given space without the need for a lot of fabric. The window doesn’t need to be covered fully hence perfect for traditional rooms that require little light changes.

Cellular shades

Cellular shades also referred to as honeycomb blinds or cellular blinds are window treatments consisting of cells that hold trapped air creating a barrier between the room and the window’s surface. The result is filtration and heat exchange of the air that enters the room. They have a close resemblance with pleated shades but cellular shades are composed of two sheets of fabric unlike the pleated shades. One fabric faces the room while the other faces outdoors. When the cellular shade is pulled down, the gathered fabric’s layers create air pockets that insulate the space.

Knowing What Questions to Ask About Window Treatments Before Buying

These are just a few of the window treatments available in South Florida.  As you may already know, window treatments can really make a dramatic impact on your home, but did you know that many of the options available on the market today can drastically reduce your energy bill?  Knowing your options and understanding the benefits can truly provide piece of mind to your investment in window treatments.  Take the time to learn and ask the right questions the first time, including:

Which option is the best investment for the long run?
Which window treatments are known to offer energy efficiency?
Which option will keep my house cooler in the summer months?

These questions are so important and getting answers can be the difference between a good investment that lasts years and a terrible investment that will last a year or two if your lucky.

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